My approach to teaching and learning invites us to lean into the strange and question the familiar. Whether in religious studies courses or through the Buffett Idea Incubation process, with college undergraduates or university faculty, I lead from a place the acknowledges the dynamism of knowledge and embraces the unique perspectives and contributions we offer as individuals to a collectivized understanding of the world around us.

As an educator and a life-long learner, I operate with three interconnected principles:

  1. Ask questions, both critical and clarifying. Learning requires us to admit our limitations when we don’t know or don’t understand.
  2. Remain open. After asking questions, we have to listen wholly. Our only agenda should be hearing or absorbing in order to understand.
  3. Step into our experience and expertise while also recognizing our shortcomings. Our expertise is valuable only when we balance it with a humility that not only respects but intentionally seeks out others’ insights.