In my work at Northwestern Buffett, I manage the formation of our interdisciplinary global research teams, from initial idea generation to research team curation and connection, from project conceptualization and development to its implementation.

 Members of the Northwestern Buffett Defusing Disasters research group

Northwestern Buffett’s Global Working Groups undertake collaborative, interdisciplinary research on complex global challenges and pursue solutions to those challenges in coordination with experts and citizens worldwide.

I also created a new Global Impacts Graduate Fellowship Program at Northwestern Buffett.

This program supports provides financial and programmatic support to an interdisciplinary cohort of approximately 16 graduate students (in their 3rd through 7th years).

The weekly programming focuses on essential dissertation support and on professional development and growth opportunities that improve young scholars’ prospects on academic and non-academic job markets. The fellowship offers each cohort access to networks, skills, and mentoring that empower global studies PhDs to explore career opportunities in international affairs, policy, and development.